January 2011, I felt I had to change something in my life to feel complete. I was reading the book “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield and I was totally inspired by it – all insights were very obvious to me. I was blown away by the last insight revealing that: “We are on this planet to consciously evolve. And that if we do learn to evolve and follow our path, our culture will change in a predictable way. This will be part of one of the first biggest changes for someone from an activity to another. Everyone will receive a clear intuition about what they are and what they should be doing. Many of us will discover that we are not doing the job we are meant for and that we have to change job to continue to evolve.”

Through this synchronicity, I knew it was time for me to change… to dare to change. So I took the courage to quit my job and I started my own business as a Life Coach. I understood then how great it is to follow your path, life responds to your moves in an unexpected way. I was aware that 2012 will be different for all of us and since then, I have witnessed a lot of changes in people’s lives (break-ups, divorces, moving home, moving country, changing jobs). I could feel that the energy was, and still is, much stronger to CHOOSE AND ACT, and big decisions are made. It is an incredible feeling for me to be truly aware of that and my inner voice said: “Please do something, be a witness of the changes you see and share them.”

This is how Dare4Change started. Almost every day I hear about people who quit their job or want to do it. What about you? Have you done it? Do you know anyone around you who recently changed career?, and start a job in one of these areas: Energy Medicine (Naturopathy, Sophrology, Shiatsu, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Yoga…), Personal Development (Coaching, Consulting, Psychology, Training,…), Environment (Renewable Resources, Green Alternatives,…) and Creativity (Creating New Alternatives, Artwork, Products, Solutions, Communities,…). Maybe you know someone who has started a business or an initiative to invent a more sustainable world based on collaboration, co-working, co-creativity and sharing.

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