“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”Carl Gustav Jung

Yes, a NEW WORLD is possible. Yes, SOLUTIONS exist. A man states it loud and clear:   JEREMY RIFKIN. For this optimistic american, father of the 3rd INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, the way out of the CRISIS involves a NEW ECONOMICAL VISION. Then will be created MILLIONS OF JOBS essentials to the social cohesion of the humanity. (Source: first WE MAGAZINE edition)

Doing What You Are Meant For Is The First Step To Your Own Evolution.


In 2011 and 2012, they MADE THE SHIFT.

Energy Medecine

Alexandra PILISZKO, Energetic Harmonization / Natalia NIKOLOVA, Naturopath / Laurence STOFFEL, Reiki and Shiatsu for human and horses – / Pascal THOMA, Reflexologist –

Personal Development

Laure BELIN, Coach & Consultant / Renaud BOURNONVILLE, Life & Executive Coach / Cécile DEVROYE, Awakening Coach / Mariana FLOREA, Coach and Founder of / Rebecca GASPARD, Psychologist and Mindfulness Instructor – / Gabrielle HEINTZ, Hatha Yoga/Nidrâ Yoga/Shiatsu/Focusing – /Ines KAISER, Equine Facilitated Personal Development – www.grace.luSandie LOPES, Trainings, Workshops & Consulting / Gérard PETERS, Holistic practionner, Shaman Counselor, Coach / Laurent ROUSSEL, Life Coach – / Agnieszka ROUYER, Life Coach & Transurfing Coach –


Sven BECKER, Editor and Artistic Director of Magazine Jean FISCHBACH, Founder of / Raphael HANNART, Founder of


Antoaneta, Hairdresser Manager-Manucurer Isabelle COLLIN, Art of Table Decoration – / Roya HOSSEINI, Event Organizer-Flower Arranging / Nadja PIETTE, NIA Teacher –

Let’s extend the list together!


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